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ASCD Forum: How Do We Define and Measure Teacher and Principal Effectiveness?

ASCD Forum

Across the globe, nations, districts, schools, and individuals face a timely and complex issue: How do we define and measure teacher and principal effectiveness?

Is there a definitive answer to this challenging question? We're not sure, but since January, ASCD has convened the ASCD Forum to focus educator conversation and insight on this important topic. From now through April 12, ASCD is seeking feedback on the following questions:

  • How do we define and measure teacher effectiveness?
  • How do we define and measure principal effectiveness?

ASCD invites you to join the ASCD Forum group on the ASCD EDge® social networking platform and write one or more blog posts on educator effectiveness. We ask that blog posts adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Tags: We ask that all ASCD Forum posts be written through your free profile on ASCD EDge and tagged to the ASCD Forum group. In order to tag your post to the group, you need to join the ASCD Forum group. When writing your blog post draft, the bottom of the page has an option called “Add blog post to groups.” Select “ASCD Forum” before selecting “add blog post” to publish your post.
  2. Structure: Feel free to structure your blog post any way you like; it can be a personal story, research, tips, an opinion piece, resources, and so forth. If your piece is more than 500 words, we recommend breaking it up into a series of several posts over several days.
  3. Format: We ask that you include the following header in your blog post: This post is a part of the ASCD Forum conversation “how do we define and measure teacher and principal effectiveness?” To learn more about the ASCD Forum, go to
  4. Number of posts: You can contribute any number of posts to the ASCD Forum. We are looking for a rich, diverse online conversation with as much participation from as many educators as possible.
  5. Review: ASCD Forum posts do not need to be approved or reviewed before you post them. If you would like feedback on a blog post draft, please send it to, and ASCD staff will give you feedback within two business days.

We also invite you to comment on other ASCD Forum posts to help us cultivate a deep and comprehensive conversation on educator effectiveness:

You can also join the conversation on Twitter. All tweets relating to the ASCD Forum should include the #ASCDForum hashtag. If you would like to share a resource on educator effectiveness or promote your ASCD EDge blog post, please add the hashtag to your tweet.

We hope you will join us for this conversation, which is the first of its kind for ASCD. The ASCD Forum was created to give educators a voice on education issues of worldwide significance. We are excited for this unique challenge and we hope you are too.

Questions? E-mail or connect with Meg on Twitter @msimps01.

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