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ASCD Leaders on Reflection: Matthew Mingle

A defining trait of leadership is a passion for success and continuous improvement. With progress comes new vistas and new goals, as well as new challenges to overcome in our never-ending quest for knowledge and excellence. Leaders envision a future, and great leaders shape that future. With that in mind, we asked ASCD leaders to share their thoughts on what reflection means to them as learners, teachers, and leaders.

"Reflection is an essential aspect of the learning process for all of us. Failure is simply a starting point—our first attempt in learning. Thoughtful reflection within an environment that supports risk taking can have a profound effect on the entire learning community and lead to incredible personal and academic growth. We should make reflection an integral part of all planned learning experiences."

New Jersey ASCD Board Secretary and 2011 Emerging Leader Matthew Mingle serves on ASCD's Nominations Committee reviewing potential candidates for leadership positions. Mingle, a resident of Hillsborough, N.J., is currently the president of the New Jersey Social Studies Supervisor Association and drafted United States History II model curriculum for the New Jersey Department of Education. In addition to becoming a seasoned Educator Advocate, he serves on a statewide committee composed of leaders from all of the major education organizations working to facilitate partnerships between preK–12 and higher education throughout the Garden State. Mingle will take over as the director of curriculum and instruction in the Madison, N.J., Public Schools this September.

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Marie Adair

September 16, 2013

Matt models Reflection in the diverse positions of leadership he holds.  He is an asset and a natural leader and learner who consistently contributes to an initiative
or to the task at hand.  New Jersey ASCD is fortunate to know the dimensions of his work that advance our mission.  We wish him continued success in all of his endeavors!

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