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ASCD Leaders on Reflection: Patrick Miller

A defining trait of leadership is a passion for success and continuous improvement. With progress comes new vistas and new goals, as well as new challenges to overcome in our never-ending quest for knowledge and excellence. Leaders envision a future, and great leaders shape that future. With that in mind, we asked ASCD leaders to share their thoughts on what reflection means to them as learners, teachers, and leaders.

"Peter Drucker said, 'Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.' We as educational leaders should heed Mr. Drucker's advice. Every day, we are tasked with making multiple decisions that affect the future of the children with whom we are entrusted to educate. By reflecting on our actions and decisions, both effective and ineffective, we have the opportunity to ensure that every decision we make or any action we take is truly with the best interest of children at heart."

Patrick Miller is the first Greene County native to serve as superintendent of Greene County Schools (N.C.) and has been in the position since 2008. Since 2005, Miller has been an active member of North Carolina ASCD (NCASCD), served on its board of directors since 2009, and is currently serving as president. In his role as president-elect of the organization in 2012–13, he helped implement a Person to Person Advocacy Program supported by an ASCD Influence Grant. His responsibilities included training NCASCD members on how to interact with lawmakers. Miller also serves as a member of ASCD's Legislative Committee which develops the association's annual legislative agenda.

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