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ASCD Leaders on Reflection: Verneth Patterson

A defining trait of leadership is a passion for success and continuous improvement. With progress comes new vistas and new goals, as well as new challenges to overcome in our never-ending quest for knowledge and excellence. Leaders envision a future, and great leaders shape that future. With that in mind, we asked ASCD leaders to share their thoughts on what reflection means to them as learners, teachers, and leaders.

"As a learner, I was inspired through the caring and selflessness of my teachers. I knew the importance of education and saw my teachers as an avenue to obtain knowledge. As a learner, I can truly say that there are always new things to explore and new ideas to express. There are endless opportunities to learn in this day and age and that is certainly a great opportunity for me as I continue to seek knowledge.

Teaching is a noble profession. We as teachers provide the basic foundations for students to function in life. We as teachers, through our resilience and passion, allow students to build character as they engage in the learning process. As I reflect on my years as a teacher, I have seen many changes and new innovations. Being able to watch my students gain new information and assimilate this knowledge in the real world is one of the greatest rewards of being a teacher. I am passionate about the holistic development of my students. I do all that I can to help them maximize their potential. After leaving the classroom, I usually follow their educational and professional development with much interest. It is always a joy to see a number of them become productive citizens in life and in their profession.

As a leader I am sometime stretched beyond my physical limitations. However I have the courage to prevail regardless of any obstacles I may face. I always remain constant in my pursuit of excellence in whatever task I undertake. The role of leadership has come to mean many things to many people. For me, it means guiding those under my leadership to be the best that they can be no matter the task at hand.

Whether I am a learner, teacher, or leader, I give 100 percent of my effort to accomplish whatever task is before me."

Verneth Patterson served with the Ministry of Education in the Bahamas for more than 35 years as teacher, head of department, subject coordinator, future teacher advisor, national examination writer, and marker. She is also curriculum team writer for religious studies and an executive member of the Commonwealth Writers Association. Patterson holds a master's degree in education and a doctorate in Christian Education. She is an author of the book, Communication with a Purpose and founder of Ladies Inspirational Fellowship Time International (L.I.F.T.) Annual Conference.

Currently, Patterson is the executive director of Bahamas ASCD where she helped successfully develop the Bahamas Connected Community into a full ASCD affiliate. The affiliate works closely with the teacher preparation program and the Ministry of Education, with high levels of representation from the ministry at their annual conferences. This year's conference will focus on the whole child approach to education in the Bahamas.

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Walter McKenzie

August 26, 2013

Dr. Patterson is a highly respected leader in the Bahamas education community who led the effort for the formation of the Bahamas ASCD affiliate. It is an honor to know Verneth both personally and professionally. She exemplifies leadership, vision, humility, task commitment and a results-oriented approach to everything she does. Congratulations Verneth on being recognized as an ASCD leader!


August 26, 2013

Dr. Patterson is a gifted Bible scholar, Teacher, and Leader. I have the pleasure of serving with her as she develops the Ladies Inspirational Fellowship Time (LIFT) International Women’s Conference into a truly international event that will bridge countries, church denominations and unite leaders.
Congratulations on your recognition as a ASCD leader!

Christine Williams

September 3, 2013

Dr. Patterson is so deserving of this honor! She is truly gifted, humble and an inspiration to so many persons. Although “retired” she is still very much dedicated to the pursuit to academic excellence in the Bahamas. She is a servant leader and has the respect and support of her BASCD team. We are so proud of you!!!

Othniel Bain

September 9, 2013

A job well done Dr Patterson. I am indeed proud of you. You have touched the lives of so many throughout your career and now beyond in your retirement. Someone said in a sermon to let the work you do speak for you. Let these words be as a guiding motto throughout your life.
Congratulations and keep pressing on!

Kathy Miaoulis

October 23, 2013

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Patterson twice in my lifetime. Once at Stephen Dillet Primary School and again at C. R. Walker Secondary School. I found her to be a dedicated, humble and caring Christian educator who took time to “reach out” to all her students and co-workers. She is a role-model to all and I know she will be dedicated in her commitment to do her best for her profession and her country as the ASCD leader. Congratulations and keep up the good work my friend!

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