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ASCD Submits Healthy People 2020 Comments

In a post earlier this month, I described how Healthy People, an initiative that develops national objectives to improve the health of all Americans, opened its proposed 2020 objectives for public comment through December 31, 2009. The health objectives are updated every 10 years and are intended to address a broad range of health needs, encourage collaboration across sectors, help individuals make informed health decisions, and measure prevention efforts.

ASCD recently submitted comments in support of objectives that align with our goal of providing children with healthy learning environments that enhance their academic, physical, and emotional well-being. Each of our comments highlights the inextricable connection between health and learning. Taken together, they underscore the need for a coordinated, whole child approach to health promotion and school improvement.

We commented on everything from the importance of increasing rates of high school completion to the urgent need for adolescents to have close relationships with caring adults. You can access all of ASCD's comments by searching for "ASCD," or you can review all submitted comments by objective.

There's still time to submit your own comments! Together, let's ensure the Healthy People 2020 objectives are relevant to public health needs and help prepare our young people for healthy and fulfilling lives.

Please let us know what you think of ASCD's comments and what objectives you've commented on.

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