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Ask Dr. Judy Webinar: How Can Students Remember Next Year What I Teach This Year?

Join renowned author, neurologist, and teacher Judy Willis for an exciting free webinar on long-term memory strategies.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011, 3:00 p.m. eastern time
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Once information gets through the brain filters and becomes working memory, it needs further processing to become long-term memory. Strategies of mental manipulation are needed to develop neural circuits of long-term memories. This webinar will connect the up-to-date memory research from neuroscience, including discoveries about neuroplasticity and pruning, with classroom instruction strategies to promote accurate, durable, and efficiently retrievable long-term memory.

Connect with Willis on ASCD EDge and on her website, RADTeach.com. Watch her archived webinars below:

Explore forthcoming and archived ASCD webinars.

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Nini White

December 1, 2011

Consider that the answer to your question may be embedded in another question:  HOW CAN I MAKE WHAT I TEACH TO STUDENTS EASILY RECOGNIZABLE (by the students) AS ACTUALLY RELEVANT TO THEIR LIVES?  ...

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