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Communicating About the Stimulus

Last month, I attended the Education Writers Association annual conference, and it was clear that reporters and the public have a lot of questions about the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), or stimulus package, and its implications for education. In particular, they want to know how local schools and districts will spend the money to support student achievement.

In anticipation of the tough questions that educators could receive and in recognition that the economy has dramatically reduced the capacity of some schools and districts, ASCD has developed a communications tool kit (PDF) for educators. The tool kit will help educators advocate for the best use of their stimulus funds, highlight the importance of capacity-building professional development, and communicate transparent messages about their fund allocations.

The tool kit, which is aligned with ASCD's Planning the Possible report, includes

  • Backgrounders, key messages, and answers to tough questions about the stimulus package, as well as school improvement and capacity-building professional development.
  • A sample op-ed about the stimulus and capacity-building professional development that educators can customize and localize.
  • A customizable PowerPoint presentation.

Educators have a unique opportunity to drive school improvement with their stimulus dollars, and we are committed to helping you advocate for education policies and practices that are sound, sustainable, and centered on the whole child. Check out all of ASCD's resources related to the stimulus.



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