Molly McCloskey

Education is a civil right

"Of all the civil rights the world has struggled and fought for 5,000 years, the right to learn is undoubtedly the most fundamental." —W.E.B. Dubois

Imagine what would happen if we as a society actually believed that high-quality learning is a birthright of children, all children, rather than a privilege bestowed on those deemed worthy. Imagine what would happen if "free and appropriate" didn't have different meanings based on zip code, race, native language, ability, or socioeconomic status. Imagine if we didn't give lip service to the idea that "all children can learn" and instead understood that all children do learn through our actions and inactions every day. Imagine if we stopped arguing about who is to blame (the parents, the teachers, TV, society) and who is responsible for "education" and instead worked together to ensure real learning not just for some, but for all.

Our Whole Child partner the National Alliance of Black School Educators has named Thursday, February 12, 2009, "Education is a Civil Right" Participation Day. Imagine what would happen if everyone really participated.

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