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Feed-Up, Feedback, Feed Forward: Making Formative Assessment Come Alive

A comprehensive formative assessment (FA) system should fit seamlessly within the daily flow of the classroom. But in many places, FA requirements signal an end to instruction so that students can be tested. In a recent webinar, Nancy Frey discussed an ongoing approach to FA that enhances the give-and-take relationship between teachers and students to promote learning and shared examples from elementary and secondary classrooms.

Watch the archived presentation below, download the handouts (PDF), and listen to Frey and other guests talk about assessment on the Whole Child Podcast.

Frey is a professor of literacy in the School of Teacher Education at San Diego State University, and a classroom teacher at Health Sciences High and Middle College in San Diego, Calif. Before moving to San Diego, she was a special-education teacher in the Broward County (Fla.) Public School. Her research interests include reading and literacy, assessment, intervention, and curriculum design, and with her coauthor Doug Fisher, she has published several books with ASCD, including Checking for Understanding and her latest work, The Formative Assessment Action Plan. Connect with Frey on her website, Fisher & Frey: Literacy for Life and follow her on Twitter @NancyFrey.

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