Whole Child Virtual Conference

Friday on the Whole Child Virtual Conference

We invite you to participate in ASCD's third annual Whole Child Virtual Conference. Entitled "Moving from Implementation to Sustainability to Culture," sessions will offer educators around the globe leadership discussions and strategies to support their work to implement and sustain a whole child approach to education.

UNICEF and Child-Friendly Schools

Changu Mannathoko10:0011:00 a.m. eastern time
Presenter: Changu Mannathoko, senior education advisor, UNICEF, New York, N.Y.

Developed by UNICEF as a response to growing global concerns about the poor quality of basic education, the Child-Friendly Schools' model promotes a rights-based concept of quality that goes beyond good teaching methods and learning outcomes by also including health, safety, and adequacy of schools' facilities and supplies. Hear from senior education advisor Changu Mannathoko as she outlines UNICEF's Child-Friendly Schools' model from implementation to evaluation.

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The New Educators and Educational Leaders

Hannah GbenroMatthew CottonSteven Anderson12:001:00 p.m. eastern time
Panel Discussion

Join Kevin Scott, ASCD's director of Constituent Programs, as he outlines ASCD's Emerging Leaders program and leads a panel discussion on the state of and successes occurring within U.S. education around a whole child approach. ASCD has designed the Emerging Leaders program to prepare younger, diverse educators for potential influence and ASCD leadership. Panel members include

  • Steven Anderson, 2012 ASCD Emerging Leader and director of instructional technology, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County, N.C.;
  • Matthew Cotton, 2012 ASCD Emerging Leader and director of music for the Alliance Marc and Eva Stern Math and Science School, Los Angeles, Calif.; and
  • Hannah Gbenro, 2011 ASCD Emerging Leader and vice principal, Olympic View Elementary School, Seattle, Wa.

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Whole Child Policy and Advocacy: Getting on the Policy Train

David Griffith2:003:00 p.m. eastern time
Presenter: David Griffith, director of Public Policy, ASCD

How can you help to implement or even introduce whole child policy in your district or state? Hear from David Griffith, ASCD's director of Public Policy, as he outlines some of the successful steps taken both at the state and federal levels to promote a more well-rounded, holistic understanding of education.

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Sara Truebridge4:005:00 p.m. eastern time
Presenter: Sara Truebridge, education consultant

How does resilience help develop youth who are able to not only survive but also thrive? And what steps can be taken at any level of schooling to help ensure that our children are supported by caring relationships, meaningful participation, and high expectations? Hear from resilience and youth-development expert and author Sara Truebridge, who combines her experience and expertise in the areas of research, policy, and practice to promote success and equity for all. She is the 2011 recipient of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) "Excellence in Research to Practice Award" given by the special interest group Research Use. Truebridge is also an author of numerous publications on resilience and youth development. Her new book on resilience is due out in the fall of 2013.

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