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Geoff Fletcher on Becoming an Effective Teacher

More than a decade into the 21st century, we continue to face education challenges from the last century. To move forward, we must develop knowledgeable learners equipped with the necessary academic, technological, social, and economic skills to compete in the global community.

The ASCD 2011 Annual Conference in San Francisco, Calif., March 26–28, 2011, will engage participants in dynamic, diverse dialogues that lead to bold actions to address the challenges of learning, teaching, and leading.

In this video, featured conference presenter Geoff Fletcher reminds educators to think about their students' perspective when planning lessons.

Think about the kids' perspective. Get as much knowledge about the kids as possible. And, again, today with all the data we have available, from all the different capabilities of gathering information, we should know a lot more about kids then I knew [on my first day of teaching]. And, hopefully more teachers are much more in tune with the students than I was that first day, not even realizing, even looking at them, how different it was for them than it was for me.

Geoff Fletcher is senior director for strategic initiatives and communications with the State Technology Directors Association (SETDA). Prior to joining SETDA, Fletcher was editorial director for the Education Group of 1105 Media, Inc., and served with the Texas Education Agency for 11 years in various positions, including assistant commissioner with responsibility for standards and curriculum, the statewide assessment program, educational technology initiatives, textbooks, and professional development.

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