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Giving Students the Opportunity to Shine

We want our schools to be dynamic and exciting places where student learning takes front and center stage. We want to reduce the dropout and failure rate among students. We want to support students in exploring deeper understandings that can build the academic confidence that will help them succeed in school and life. We want to be better teachers.

Total Participation Techniques

Authors Persida and William Himmele believe that when you give students the opportunity to demonstrate higher-order thinking and to learn through individual processing followed by interaction, they will surprise you. Himmeles' new book, Total Participation Techniques: Making Every Student an Active Learner, presents dozens of ways to engage your students in active learning and allow them to demonstrate the depth of their knowledge and understanding. Each technique has step-by-step instructions and suggestions for how to adapt it to specific contexts and content areas.

Read excerpts from the book and join the discussion on ASCD EDge, a free social networking community for educators, linking teachers, administrators, authors, and experts online. The community currently has 27,000+ members.

How are you planning to cognitively engage your students this school year?

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