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School Ends Policy of Tying PE Grade to BMI Measurement: Parents at a Chicago-area school get together to pressure school officials to discontinue linking students' body fat measurements to fitness grades. The BMI Index will remain a tool used to track physical fitness levels, but will no longer be shared with the students on progress reports.

Group Moves to Offer Students Free Breakfast in the Classroom: The group Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom has launched a $3 million initiative to improve participation in school breakfast programs and raise academic achievement by offering a free morning meal in students' classrooms. The initiative is being funded by the Wal-Mart Foundation and aims to reach students who may typically miss breakfast to be on time for class. Research shows breakfast can reduce obesity risk and improve learning.


Teachers as Partners in the Prevention of Childhood Obesity: Published in ASCD's International Journal on Education Policy and Leadership, this research paper describes a study of the school partnership approach to preventing childhood obesity. Some of the findings showed that teachers can be valuable assets for identifying health issues of concern to communities as well as play a key role in parent and child interventions. Find out more (PDF) about the conclusions to this study.

No Name-Calling Week: Schools across the country will be celebrating No Name-Calling Week from January 24–28. Check out these resources to include in your own participation in this national initiative to stop bullying in schools.

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Sodexo STOP Hunger Scholarship: The Sodexo Foundation STOP Hunger Scholarship program supports the education of young people working to end hunger in communities across the United States and brings attention to the innovative and effective solutions they are implementing toward ending hunger in their lifetime. Maximum award: a $5,000 scholarship award and a matching $5,000 grant in their name for the hunger-related charity of their choice. Eligibility: students enrolled in an accredited education institution (kindergarten through graduate school) in the United States who can demonstrate an ongoing commitment to hunger-relief activities in their community. Deadline: February 18, 2011.

National Programs to Improve the Health and Educational Outcomes of Young People: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Division of Adolescent and School Health is currently accepting proposals for grants to improve child health through schools and communities that foster a culture of wellness and educate on making healthy choices. Learn more about the application process. Deadline: March 4, 2011.

Healthy School Communities is a worldwide ASCD effort to promote the integration of health and learning and the benefits of school-community collaboration. It is part of a large, multiyear plan to shift public dialogue about education from a narrow, curriculum-centric and accountability system focus to a whole child approach that encompasses all factors required for successful student outcomes. Visit the Healthy School Communities group on ASCD EDge and share everything from ideas and solutions to common concerns.

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