Klea Scharberg

How Do You Achieve Quality When You Have Less?

December/January EL

Many schools are experiencing shrinking resources, hiring freezes, and continued accountability pressures—and are responding by using time, material resources, and educators' skills in innovative ways.

With 85 percent of U.S. school districts anticipating cuts to their funding this school year, how can we serve our students and ensure that each child, in each community, is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged?

In the December/January issue of ASCD's Educational Leadership, teachers and school leaders share how they've made scarce resources go farther, in terms of staff expertise, materials, coaching, and even the hours for learning in the day. What priorities should schools set when facing serious cutbacks? Spend some time during the school break to read up on what the experts say and get ready for a resourceful 2012:

Find out how schools in Canada, India, and the United States are doing more with less and what low-cost, classroom-friendly websites and media readers recommend. This issue's video clip from Big Thought shows how a collaboration with a Dallas community center brought arts enrichment to a community in need.

What's your favorite source for no-cost professional development and instructional resources?

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