Klea Scharberg

How to Involve All Parents in Your Diverse Community

The student population across the country is becoming increasingly diverse. The elementary school featured in this video serves students from a wide range of backgrounds, and plans accordingly to educate its diverse student population.

Educators work with parents to make sure that they can communicate with the students and provide them with a high-quality education. The school also has parent liaisons who speak foreign languages, and staff members offer tips about how parents can get involved, including

  • Know your student population.
  • Involve staff in planning.
  • Communicate with parents regularly.
  • Use parent liaisons.
  • Provide a variety of parent programs.
  • Create a welcoming environment.
  • Assess success or failure and learn from it.

Find more ideas on how everyone—educators, families, and students—can work together to improve the chances for academic success in the May 2011 issue of Educational Leadership magazine and ASCD Express, including best practices for involving parents in your classroom from whole child partner Responsive Classroom specialist Margaret Berry Wilson.

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