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Insights on Leveraging Teacher Leadership

Leveraging Teacher Leadership - ASCD Educational LeadershipOctober 2013 issue of Educational Leadership looks at how teachers are leading today and considers how schools can best leverage the leadership skills of teachers.

In her "Perspectives" column, Editor-in-Chief Marge Scherer examines today's challenges to teacher leadership and asks how do we tap this talent and know-how to transform "the school writ large," to quote Roland S. Barth. Barth is an author of one of this issue's articles, and Scherer ends her column with another quote from him: "The bottom line remains: All teachers can lead. Many teachers want to lead. Schools badly need their ideas, invention, energy—and their leadership."

Articles in the issue include

View the insights of these and other contributors to the issue in the infographic (PDF) below, and start a conversation with your professional learning community using the free study guide.


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November 18, 2013

I have read, with interest, several articles from this issue of Educational Leadership and there are some fantastic ideas to empower teachers as leaders.  The principal must become a staff developer.  Within a PLC, teachers can lead other colleagues in analyzing student work and achievement data.  If you don’t know where your students are, you don’t know how to get them to the next level of learning.  PLCs help facilitate group discussion about improved instructional practices.  But the principal has to teach teachers how to collaborate.  Assigning teachers to teams doesn’t necessarily mean collaboration is going to take place.

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