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Insights on the Faces of Poverty

The Faces of Poverty - ASCD Educational Leadership

With so many families facing hardship now, today's "poor kids" don't fit old stereotypes. And taking such actions as they can to make learning and life better for students facing poverty is now a challenge for all teachers. The May 2013 issue of ASCD's Educational Leadership raises awareness of the impact of poverty on children today and what might be done to help close the achievement gap.

In her "Perspectives" column, Editor-in-Chief Marge Scherer asks whether poverty is predestined. She writes, "The question is whether, in the future, we will be forced to say, 'Poverty should not be destiny, but, unfortunately, statistics say it is.'" After reading her column, do you agree?

Articles in the issue include

View the insights of these and other contributors to the issue in the infographic (PDF) below, and start a conversation with your professional learning community using the free study guide.


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Erica Hughes

May 9, 2013

Thanks. This looks like a great issue. I am just now reading more about ASCD’s whole child education movement, and I listened to a couple of the online webinars yesterday. I would like to see or be able to talk to teachers and school leaders who have implemented the tenets of whole child education in high poverty schools. Do you know of any resources for me?

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