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Linda Nathan on Having Access to Educational Opportunities

More than a decade into the 21st century, we continue to face education challenges from the last century. To move forward, we must develop knowledgeable learners equipped with the necessary academic, technological, social, and economic skills to compete in the global community.

The ASCD 2011 Annual Conference in San Francisco, Calif., March 26–28, 2011, will engage participants in dynamic, diverse dialogues that lead to bold actions to address the challenges of learning, teaching, and leading.

In this video, author and Urban Education panelist Linda Nathan recalls one student's experience and her own frustration at missing details that ultimately cost her student the educational opportunity of a lifetime.

I'm in a world where those questions don't even come up—not for me, not for my children, my own children—but for all my other children, I have to constantly think about "What piece of this puzzle am I missing that is going to deny someone an opportunity?" ... I can't be finished here until I can make sure that my students have the kind of access that my own biological children have.

Linda Nathan is the founding headmaster of the Boston Arts Academy, the city's first and only public high school for the visual and performing arts. Connect with Nathan on her blog and on Twitter @lindanathan.

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