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Minnesota schools are letting kids take a stand

Sitting still can be hard at times for all of us—including kids in class. For some students, keeping from fidgeting at their desks can be a serious distraction from the important work of learning. To address this issue, a few enterprising schools are experimenting with innovative furniture that adjusts to the needs of each child, reports the New York Times.

The story focuses on a 6th grade classroom at Marine Elementary School in Marine on St. Croix, Minn., full of desks teacher Abby Brown worked with a local ergonomic furniture company to design:

The stand-up desks come with swinging footrests, and with adjustable stools allowing children to switch between sitting and standing as their moods dictate.

"At least you can wiggle when you want to," said Sarah Langer, 12.

As the desks have spread throughout the country, praise for them has piled up. Teachers cite back relief from not bending over as often, fewer students distracted or dozing off, and the feeling of empowerment the desks give kids.

Do they really make a difference, or are they a fad? Fortunately, researchers at the University of Minnesota are conducting research in an attempt to answer that question.

Do you believe these desks could make a significant difference for kids?

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