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New study on the lasting value of early childhood education

It's a tradition on Saturday Night Live's fake-news segment "Weekend Update" to poke fun at studies that produce really obvious results; e.g., "A person who suffers two sharp, powerful blows to the head within a short period of time can suffer brain damage or even die. This according to a new study in the medical journal Duh."

Which brings us to the results of a new study on the impact of state preschool programs in Michigan. The Detroit Free Press reports that the programs "over the past 25 years are saving the state $1 billion this year in crime and education costs, with increased productivity, according to a new study announced by state school superintendent Mike Flanagan and early childhood development advocates."

The story quotes researchers who emphasize that cutting preK funding, rather than saving money, in fact costs communities in the long run. As states deal with ultra-tight budgets and the president calls for spending freezes, this study adds some compelling evidence to the conversation. 



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