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October Is Anti-Bullying Month

Why do we have a month devoted to anti-bullying? Do we have a math month or a language arts month? OK, I take that back— it turns out we do have a "Math Awareness Month" and it is in April. Who knew?

So why do we have these months dedicated to an issue, or a subject, or an idea? It's because there isn't enough attention paid to the issue or it's because an issue exists. So what should our aim be for this dedicated month? Simply it should be to do away with the need for an Anti-Bullying Month altogether.

When we get to a point where we don't need to raise awareness (because everyone is aware of the perniciousness of bullying behavior) or if we get to a point where it becomes less commonplace (and all schools and communities are places where bullying behavior is not acceptable), then we can say we have succeeded. Until then unfortunately we need to keep the noise going—louder and longer.

There is some good news, however. Heard just last week at the Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention Summit was that by some reports bullying incidences are declining; almost all states now have laws pertaining to bullying behavior (just Michigan, Montana, and South Dakota to go); and Facebook, Seventeen magazine, the ABC Family network, CNN, and the Cartoon Network are all implementing anti-bullying messaging and initiatives into their programs and publications.

That's not all.

We have compiled a range of articles, podcasts, and blogs related to anti-bullying. Find them tagged Bullying in the Blog section and under Safe in the Resources section of this site.

And if you haven't yet seen it, make time this month to go and watch The Bully Project by Lee Hirsch.

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