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Our Job Is Done… Because We Care

In Edutopia's Schools That Work series, we here at the Whole Child Blog have been getting to know the Jefferson County (Ky.) Public Schools community and its commitment to social and emotional education. Through the CARE for Kids program, learning and teaching is enhanced when students feel supported by caring, qualified adults.

CARE for Kids practitioners are shaped by these six essential principles:

  • "At the heart of a caring school community are respectful, supportive relationships among and between students, educators, support staff, and parents."
  • "Learning becomes more connected and meaningful for students when social, emotional, and ethical development is an integral part of the classroom, school, and community experience."
  • "Significant and engaging learning, academic and social, takes place when students are able to construct deep understandings of broad concepts and principles through an active process of exploration, discovery, and application."
  • "Community is strengthened when there are frequent opportunities for students to exercise their voice, choice, and responsible interdependence to work together for the common good."
  • "Classroom community and learning are maximized through frequent opportunities for collaboration and service to others."
  • "Effective classroom communities help students develop their intrinsic motivation by meeting their basic needs (e.g. safety, autonomy, belonging, competence, usefulness, fun, and pleasure), rather than seeking to control students with extrinsic motivators (e.g., rewards and punishment)."

Want more? Listen as our guests on the Whole Child Podcast share their thoughts on why schools and communities succeed when they focus on supporting students.

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