Melissa Mellor

Parents in Support of the Whole Child

The National PTA recently signed on as a Whole Child Partner, joining more than 40 other partner organizations that represent a broad swath of the education, arts, and health and wellness fields.

Here at the Whole Child Blog, we feel our partnership with the PTA is significant because the Whole Child Initiative is grounded in the belief that responsibility for educating and supporting the whole child neither starts nor stops at the schoolhouse door. That means businesses, community agencies, policymakers, and families must align with schools to provide conditions that support learning for each student. In short, educators can't do it alone.

Moreover, outside of educators, parents are the single largest group visiting this Web site. More than 40 percent of our online visitors identify themselves as parents, a percentage that has steadily grown since we launched this site just over two years ago. To meet the needs of these parents, we will post critical PTA resources on this site. Meanwhile, the PTA will distribute information about the Whole Child Initiative to every attendee at their June Annual Conference.

Educators: Does your school encourage and support parent involvement beyond the typical opportunities for parent-teacher conferences and field trip chaperoning?

Parents: Do you feel welcome to contribute at your child's school in ways that significantly shape the climate and curriculum?



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