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PE, Recess, and Beyond: The Implications of Movement

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Join us throughout December and January as we explore why physical activity and physical education (PA & PE) are critical to educating the whole child. We'll examine the research about the need for PA & PE; explore some of the recent criticism; examine the relationship between PA & PE and academic achievement, engagement, and social and emotional health and learning; and consider how physical activity can be expanded across the day.

This episode of the Whole Child Podcast starts our PA & PE conversation with moderator Sean Slade, director of ASCD Healthy School Communities, and guests

Have you seen a decrease in physical activity and physical education in your school and community? What is the effect on young people in your life?

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PE, Recess, and Beyond: The Implications of Moveme

December 10, 2010

[...] PE, Recess, and Beyond: The Implications of Movement [...]

Marian Casey

December 10, 2010

Check out Namaste Charter School (http://www.namastecharterschool.org) in Chicago. Namaste is committed to the physical, social and academic well being of our students, staff and parents. They believe that to achieve in school, students must be healthy, active and engaged in physical activity regularly.
They also believe that adults must model the healthy lifestyle and positive attitude that we wish the students to embrace. The school incorporates health, nutrition and athletics into its rigorous curriculum, created to ensure literacy, numeracy and a lifelong love of learning .

Kristine Miller

December 11, 2010

Great* blog!

Gloria Rinderman

December 14, 2010

Many schools and libraries have purchased this CD:
“BE A BUDDY, NOT A BULLY- CD - 10 Timely songs to help combat bullying- with instrumentals. Lyrics available.
Reviewed by School Library Journal
LINK to hear songs: http://cdbaby.com/cd/gennaro4
Upbeat, fun songs of various music styles—with inspiring lyrics—that kids love to sing & dance to.
“A very educational & positive children’s music album that reinforces hospitality, acceptance, & togetherness.”

Child Obesity Research Studies and Facts « Whole C

December 20, 2010

[...] PE, Recess, and Beyond: The Implications of Movement [...]

Joe Herzog

January 11, 2011

We wrote a joint use agreement into our school bond, in November (which passed with 75%+ margin) after a very successful pilot program at one of our really low socio-economic elementary schools in Fresno.

Goal is to get all 66 elementary schools with their gates open after school and on weekends. Then we go to work on the secondary schools.

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