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Planning the Possible: How Schools Can Use Stimulus Dollars for Lasting Impact

ASCD's new report, "Planning the Possible: How Schools Can Use Stimulus Dollars for Lasting Impact," stimuluscover.jpginforms educators about the ins and outs of the stimulus package, including how the funding is to be used. It also describes how sustained, capacity-building professional development can elevate teacher effectiveness and improve student achievement, making it a smart use of stimulus dollars. The report answers questions like

  • How is the stimulus funding being distributed?
  • For each distribution "bucket," what are the potential uses for funds?
  • How much money will each state get?
  • What are the stipulations about how funds can't be used?
  • What are the spending deadlines?
  • Why invest in professional development, and what are the features of effective PD?

Here at the Whole Child Blog, we believe districts and schools that engage in consistent and coordinated planning for the use of their stimulus funding can help ensure that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. We also believe an emphasis on the whole child is imperative to student achievement and even more critical in times of economic stress.

Check out ASCD's other ARRA resources.

How is your district or school planning to use its stimulus dollars? Do you have ideas for smart and efficient uses of stimulus funds that will support the whole child?

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