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Play Well With Others ... Be Active Against Bullying

Bullying is a major societal issue affecting everyone worldwide. According to current statistics, more than 30 percent of our school-age children—approximately 5.7 million children—are bullied in schools, on playgrounds, and in recreational facilities each year. Research shows that these numbers can be reduced by nearly half through the use of effective bullying prevention programs.

To do its part, the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance is partnering with the "Play Well With Others ... Be Active Against Bullying" initiative to bring bullying awareness programs to schools across the United States. Launched during National Anti-Bullying Month (October), the program provides K–12 education resource materials, activities, and games that educators can use to promote cooperation and anti-bullying to students.

FlagHouse launched the activity-based antibullying program in conjunction with its partners the National Police Athletic League, The Jared Foundation, American Camping Association, CATCH®, and Project Adventure. FlagHouse supplies equipment and resources for physical education, sports, and fitness and recreation and for health, special needs, special education, sensory integration, and multisensory environments.

Find more antibullying resources and information through the following websites:

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