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Profiles in Education: Josh Garcia

Josh Garcia, deputy superintendent of Federal Way Public Schools in Tacoma, Washington, strongly believes in creating success for every learner. "Every student can graduate prepared for higher education," Garcia says. "In order to provide each child with a whole child education, school and community leaders must relentlessly dissolve barriers and build cohesive systems that foster excellence. Only then will we fulfill our pledge to provide every child the opportunity to pursue a successful life."

Throughout his career, Garcia has worked mainly in urban settings, serving the most vulnerable learners. Garcia has led efforts to develop board policy that automatically enrolls students into rigorous AP, IB, and CIE programs. Also, Garcia has developed a preK–12 standards-based instruction, grading, reporting, and assessment system; a sustainable and comprehensive K–12 instructional coaching model; a districtwide differentiated professional development model; and an accountability model that measures how healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged students are in school.

Hear more about Garcia's passion for educating the whole child; demonstrating leadership; improving student engagement, achievement, and learning; and contributing to the education profession in this 2013 ASCD Whole Child Virtual Conference presentation:

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