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School Climate: Developing the Quality and Character of School Life

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How can schools develop a positive school climate that fosters teaching, learning, and the development of the whole child? Research and common sense reaffirm that focusing on the social and educational atmosphere is critical to student success, yet many schools and districts do not assess climate or include it in school improvement plans.

In this episode, our guests Jonathan Cohen, president of the Center for Social and Emotional Education (CSEE) and cochair of the National School Climate Council, and Marvin Kreps, director of Curriculum and Instruction for Rhinebeck (N.Y.) Central School District, discuss how school climate standards can help educators and communities improve the quality and character of school life.

Use these resources to support your efforts to create and sustain a positive school climate:

Are educators talking about the importance of school climate and its impact on learning and teaching? Do we need national school climate standards? Share your thoughts on the Whole Child Blog.


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May 21, 2010

Awesome! I am an instant fan of this.  So balanced in its approach is the whole child education principles.

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