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Sharing Thanks on Twitter with Educators

Last night on Twitter, ASCD and an inspiring group of educators dedicated an entire hour to sharing the many things we are all thankful for. The chat left me in an incredibly grateful mood. Whether you are thankful for your school community, your professional development opportunities, the new technologies available in your classroom, or a new position this school year, the universal theme that sounded throughout the entire chat was that you are thankful for and inspired by your students.

I want to share just a sampling of the powerful messages from last night. Several of you shared how thankful you were for the support in your school community. I love that Chuck Maddox shared that he is thankful for the collaborative nature of his school. Professional development was also a recurring theme during the chat. Several educators, including Eric Bernstein, shared how thankful they are for Twitter because it allows them to connect and learn from educators outside of their school buildings each day. Lastly, I believe that William Chamberlain was spot on when he shared, "Mostly though, I am thankful for my students who make my job the hardest, most rewarding thing I have ever done."


ASCD is incredibly thankful to each of you for your time and dedication to the students. We're constantly amazed by your passion for education and the thanks you show in your schools each day! Thank you!

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