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Kristen Pekarek

April is School Library Month!

AASL - School Library Month

School libraries are critical to every child's education and career—with nearly 31 million elementary, middle, and high school students relying on school library services each week. This April, join whole child partner American Association of School Librarians for School Library Month. The month-long celebration will showcase the vital role and resources school libraries provide to students to support their education and career endeavors. This year's theme, "communities matter @ your library," shows how libraries can help students, individuals, and families discover new and exciting things through library collections, digital resources, and more.

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John Farden

Giving Our Kids an Early Start to Success

John Farden - Save the Children

It is our favorite time of the day, right after the nightly bubble bath, just before bedtime—snuggled up in our rocking chair with a pile of story books.  As far as my 20-month-old son knows, this time is all about cuddling, telling stories, singing songs, and having fun. But I know better. The truth is, I am giving him an invaluable gift—a head start towards success in kindergarten, grade school, high school, then college and a career.

Despite our busy schedules, my wife and I have read to our son nearly every night of his young life. We do this because we have read the parenting books and research that say it is what we are supposed to do. But we also do it because we both have parents who instilled in us the value of education, starting by reading with us when we were very young.

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