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Take Action Now: Help Maintain Education Funding Levels in the Stimulus Bill

Senators Ben Nelson (D-NE) and Susan Collins (R-ME) are working with more than a dozen other senators to propose an amendment to slash education funding levels in the stimulus bill. This amendment will cut billions of dollars from a number of critical education programs, including IDEA, Title I State Grants, Head Start, and Teacher Quality Partnership Grants.

Moreover, the amendment will completely eliminate $40 billion in additional education funding set aside for states to use for programs under the No Child Left Behind Act, IDEA, and/or Perkins Career Technical Education.

In sum, the Nelson-Collins amendment seeks to reduce current education funding in the stimulus bill by more than $50 billion!

Education is our nation's surest path to long-term economic prosperity. But districts and schools across the country are being forced to eliminate programs and lay off educators and support staff. Sufficient resources for education must be a fundamental component of any stimulus plan to help the economy recover. A well-educated workforce is a productive workforce. And a productive workforce is the surest way to grow our economy again.

Demand that your senators reject the Nelson-Collins Amendment and preserve the existing investment levels for education by sending a customized message we have prepared for you. Or call 1-202-224-3121 to reach your senator's office through the Senate Switchboard.



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