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The Time Is Now: Make the Case for Educating the Whole Child

Whether you are a parent, educator, or community member, you can help turn political rhetoric about "investing in the future of our children" into reality. Join ASCD in helping your school, district, and community move from a vision for educating the whole child to sustainable, collaborative action. States and school districts across the country are adopting policies and practices to better educate the whole child, but we can do more.

Updated with critical research and real-world examples of education policies and practices that ensure students are healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged, Making the Case for Educating the Whole Child (PDF) is a free advocacy tool that you can use as you work with policymakers, the media, and other groups. You can also add your local statistics and success stories so that decision makers in your community understand the difference a whole child education can make.

As you're building your case, you can

  • Find examples of a whole child approach from around the world on our interactive Whole Child Examples Map.
  • Assess your current practices using the ASCD School Improvement Tool and discover evidence-based strategies that support the whole child in the areas of school climate and culture, curriculum and instruction, assessment, leadership, and family and community engagement.
  • Stay updated with social media! Like the Whole Child Initiative on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @wholechildadv.

Together we can change the face of education policy and practice. Make the case for why we need to educate the whole child now.

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