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With August just around the corner, educators, students, and parents are all beginning to gear up for the year ahead. Just as students return to school with a range of emotions, so too do educators. Some may be looking forward to returning to school; others may be a little bit apprehensive about how they'll meet so many challenges throughout the year.

Educators who start off the year with energy and enthusiasm often find that it fades gradually or dramatically. Teaching is one of the more stressful professions, and it can be one of the most rewarding when educators are able to strike a balance and schools create the conditions that allow them to thrive.

In this episode of the Whole Child Podcast, learn how educators and schools can work to create the conditions that allow teachers, and subsequently students, to thrive. You'll hear from

Educators, are you struggling to manage stress, meet your basic needs, and find time for your own learning and development? What strategies have helped you to maintain your enthusiasm and balance between work and life?

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ASCD Inservice: Building Balance into TeachersR

August 18, 2010

[...] “I’ll catch up on my sleep and social life over the holiday break,” then theAugust Whole Child podcast is for [...]


November 24, 2011

After a trip to the hospital and a case of shingles, which were directly related to school, I have made HUGE changes: I only work 2 hours a night on schoolwork. Not one minute more. I have started taking Yoga on Saturday morning. I spend Friday night(breaking the 2 hour rule) and all of Saturday prepping for school and then take Sunday “off” to tend to my home chores. I don’t know how teachers with children and a spouse do it all.

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