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Throughout March: Reducing Barriers and Expanding Opportunities

Addressing students' needs levels the playing field. Or rather, addressing students' needs is only leveling the playing field. If a child is hungry, then the need can be addressed by providing breakfast, lunch, and assistance as needed. The same applies if the child is unwell. Many schools have made great strides in addressing students' needs, but some schools have gone further. They have taken an issue that was initially a need and used it to enhance and improve what the school offers.

Join us throughout March as we look at schools that have taken a deficit and turned it into an asset. Some schools have used connections formed into and across the community to enhance and build on what they first envisaged. Other schools are forming alliances to improve a specific situation, and have then used those same alliances to improve the entire school. How has your school or community taken a challenge and turned it into a win?

The Whole Child Podcast

We are taping this month's Whole Child Podcast in front of a live audience at ASCD's 2013 Annual Conference and Exhibit Show on Saturday, March 16, in Chicago, Ill. Hosts Sean Slade and Donna Snyder of ASCD's Whole Child Programs team will be joined by the winning school of the 2013 Vision in Action: The ASCD Whole Child Award in a discussion on this month's topic and what works in today's schools. The podcast will be available for download on Monday, March 18.

The Whole Child Blog

Check out the Whole Child Blog for contributions from experts and practitioners in the field; whole child partners; and ASCD staff, who will share free resources, provide examples, and answer your questions. Be sure to leave your questions, ideas, and stories in the comments.

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