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Throughout November: Integrating Movement

Ensuring students participate in a high-quality physical education program is important. Equally important is ensuring that students are active across the school day and not just in gym class. Research shows that kids who are physically active are not only healthier, but are also likely to perform better academically, and short activity breaks during the school day can improve concentration, behavior, and enhance learning. In short, school-based physical activity is valuable exercise—it aids cognitive development, increases engagement and motivation, and is essential to a whole child approach to education.

Whether it be extracurricular, cocurricular, or embedded in the academic curriculum itself, integrating movement across the school day in elementary school, the middle grades, and high school can be used to maximize learning and help ensure that students are healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. Join us throughout November as we take a look at new ways to encourage movement and how schools are bringing physical activity out of the gym and into the classroom.

The Whole Child Podcast

Tomorrow you can download the next episode of the Whole Child Podcast to hear from

  • Jill Vialet, CEO and founder of whole child partner Playworks, the only nonprofit organization in the country to send trained, full-time program coordinators to low-income, urban schools, where they transform recess and play into positive experiences that help kids and teachers get the most out of every learning opportunity throughout the school day.
  • Michael Opitz, author of Literacy Lessons to Help Kids Get Fit & Healthy, in which he shares secrets for combining literacy-rich, ready-to-use lessons with easy-to-implement fitness exercises.
  • Andria Caruthers, a principal at West Education Campus in Washington, D.C., where she works toward student success through motivating her students to focus on academics and the well-being of the total body.

The Whole Child Blog

Check out the Whole Child Blog throughout November for contributions from experts and practitioners in the field, whole child partners, and ASCD staff who will share free resources, provide examples of integrating movement across the school day, and answer your questions. Be sure to leave your questions, ideas, and stories in the comments.

What Works in Integrating Movement

Visit the What Works section for a one-stop (free!) shop to explore issues that must be transformed for us to successfully educate the whole child. Our topic pages are a collection of resources on the topics we address each month. This month, we'll add resources to the Integrating Movement topic page. Tell us what has worked in your school and with your students. E-mail us and share resources, research, and examples.

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