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Upcoming Whole Child Podcast: Applying Developmental Science to Impact Teaching and Learning

Developing successful learners who are prepared for success in college or further study and for employment and citizenship in a global environment requires us to think outside the box—the cognitive box, that is. Although traditional education is thought to exist in the cognitive domain, science tells us that children's academic progress cannot be separated from the emotional, social, and cognitive changes that occur simultaneously. The science of learning and child development is rarely used in classrooms and research has demonstrated that we can maximize learning when educators apply developmental principles effectively.

Join us Thursday, November 4, on the Whole Child Podcast to learn about key principles of developmental science that can affect the way teachers teach and the way students learn. You'll hear from

How can we prepare educators to apply developmental principles effectively to maximize student academic, social, and emotional development?

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Notice: Hear Me on ASCD Podcast, Thursday, Novembe

November 2, 2010

[...] Hear Me on ASCD Podcast, Thursday, November 4th Chip on November 2, 2010   Check out the ASCD and Whole Child websites on Thursday, Novemember 4th, for the “Whole Child Podcast—Changing the Conversation [...]

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