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White House Convenes Its First-Ever Conference on Bullying Prevention

Today, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama welcomed students, parents, and teachers to the White House for a conference on bullying prevention.

In a special Facebook video message about the conference, the president and first lady said bullying "affects every single young person in our country" and emphasized that putting a stop to bullying is a responsibility we all share. The president also stated that bullying can no longer be viewed as "an unavoidable part of growing up" because we now know how harmful it is and how pervasive it can be in today's increasingly digital world.

Sean Slade, director of ASCD's Healthy School Communities, attended the conference and will share his reactions and thoughts here on the Whole Child Blog in the next few days. Conference participants discussed the effects of bullying and the work of students, parents, and teachers to prevent and address it. To facilitate participation across the country, two sessions incorporated live chats via Facebook and iVillage.

Read more about the conference and visit and its page on Facebook for bullying prevention resources and research.

Find more resources on bullying and listen to an episode of the Whole Child Podcast on the subject.

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