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Whole Child Blogwatch: Aligning preK

The Early Ed Watch Blog has a new post reviewing the book Leading for Equity, which describes the management strategies that led to higher student achievement in Montgomery County Public Schools. Perhaps the most prominent attention the book has gotten thus far has been from Washington Post columnist Jay Mathews, who admired the progress the school has made but expressed frustration at the book's emphasis on "process-oriented analysis of what goes on in schools."

Early Ed Watch, as you might imagine, shines a spotlight on Montgomery County's preK practices. The blog highlights Superintendent Weast's work to align curriculum in preK programs to the early grades of his schools, regardless of whether the programs are federally or locally funded: "He or she will experience the same expectations, quality, and teaching strategies, and the curriculum used in both types of preK programs is designed to build seamlessly into what children will learn in kindergarten." As part of an "Early Success Performance Plan," this work contributed to a signifiant reduction in the achievement gap by 3rd grade.

The blog connects this strategy to one of the major themes of Leading for Equity, shared accountability and cooperation. Have you seen similar examples of successful coordination in your school or district?  


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