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Whole Child Blogwatch: Summer Bummer?

Today's New York Times story on cutbacks to summer school programs across the country has provoked a broad range of reactions in the blogosphere. This news comes amid a growing drumbeat of support for summer learning, including recent research and statements by Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

The snarky blog Gawker, which usually traffics in political, media, and entertainment commentary, takes this opportunity to delve into education news:

The Way We Live Now: Playin' hooky. Schoooooool's outttt forrrrrrrr summer! Yea! School's out forever! Really. They can't afford summer school any more. Too bad that happened right when unemployment hit double digits. No job. No school. Nada. 

Wyoming blogger and education reporter Jasa Santos writes on her blog, The Last Bell:

My school district didn't offer a set summer school when I was younger, but I do remember my mom taking me to my elementary's Writing to Read lab a few times a week. I would pull up a chair at a computer desk and type long-winded stories...It was the start of my writing career.

Suzanne Morse, president of the Pew Partnership for Civic Change, notes on her blog that "these changes have left many kids home alone with little to do. Experts say that this particular cut affects low-income children more because their parents do not have the wherewithal to find alternatives."

Are budget cuts affecting your school's summer programs? How can schools and communities best support kids in the summer months, even when traditional programs fall victim to tight budgets?

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