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Whole Child Blogwatch: What's News Online

Are you depressed by the daily drumbeat of bad news from the newspaper industry? Blogger Adam Fletcher has some news to cheer you up. He's enthused about the widespread phenomenon of youth engagement with new media to report on and connect to their communities.

Fletcher points to "a raging underground energy running frenetically throughout the media/activist community, and that energy is the power of youth voice." He maintains a page listing organizations that host media programs to support these kids, including Just Think, "youth-produced informational media about topics ranging from hip-hop music to consumer rights," and HarlemLive, "a journalism, technology and leadership program that teaches students ages 13 to 21 how to run an online newspaper."

These sites are great examples of programs that channel new technologies into creative programs to support student learning and engagement. For text- and Twitter-happy students, these are clear paths to rewarding Web 2.0 work that can have real impact in their communities. 

Do you have a story of student-led online journalism working in your school?



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