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Who's Your Favorite Teacher?

Usually I devote my every-other-Thursday blog post to a news item of relevance to whole child education. Lately it seems these posts have focused on the grim news of education budget cuts. So this week I've decided to take a break from abandoned dropout recovery programs and the shrinking of school support staffs to blog about a much cheerier subject: Favorite teachers.

Everyone has had at least one amazing teacher who's sparked passion for a subject, provided support through tough times, or went that extra mile to explain a tough concept. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Karolak, who taught me English literature and creative writing in high school. She wasn't a universal favorite because she was tough, but I loved her for stretching my writing skills and for her masterful facilitation of wide-ranging and thoughtful classroom discussions.

May 3-9, 2009 is National Teacher Appreciation Week, and Phi Delta Kappa, one of our whole child partners, is sponsoring a Chalk Walk to honor great teachers. All the money raised will be used for scholarships and other programs to help ensure we have more great teachers in the future.

Find out if there is a local Chalk Walk in your area and register to participate. You can also add the name of your favorite teacher and comments about him/her to PDK's "Chalkboard of Honor." And if you provide an address for your favorite teacher, PDK will send a personalized letter telling that teacher he or she has been honored by you.

Here at the WC Blog, we also want to know who your favorite teacher is and why. Did she or he help ensure you were healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged?

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