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ASCD Emerging Leaders are accomplished educators with 5–15 years of experience who are highly involved in ASCD and the education community as a whole. The two-year program is designed to prepare younger, diverse educators for potential influence and ASCD leadership. ASCD now enrolls more educators in each class than ever before and includes an Emerging Leaders grant opportunity that will award selected participants in their second year of the program with grants of up to $2,000. All emerging leaders in the program are provided with opportunities to pursue various leadership pathways, including serving on committees, hosting networking events for educators, advocating for sound education policy, and contributing to ASCD publications.

Are you or someone you know interested in becoming an ASCD Emerging Leader? Applications for the class of 2014 open on February 1. Learn more at, or e-mail to be notified when the applications open.

Last year, ASCD Emerging Leaders participated in a variety of activities, including:

Participating in Grant Opportunity

For the first time, ASCD accepted grant applications from 2012 Emerging Leaders. The grant program, now in its pilot phase, is designed to give emerging leaders the opportunity to explore new and innovative ways to support the success of each learner. Proposals include clear and measurable benefits for students, an achievable implementation process, and an innovative whole child approach to education. This year's grant fund recipients—Jessica Bohn, Krista Rundell, Fred Ende, and Amy Murphy—will share their learning with the ASCD community in 2014.

Writing (and Talking) for ASCD

Many of our emerging leaders made their voices heard through a variety of ASCD channels. They wrote more than 70 blog posts on the ASCD EDge® social network and shared their perspectives in an ongoing ASCD Inservice Q&A series, shared their back-to-school wisdom and inspiration, and identified their 2014 education resolutions.

Jessica Bohn wrote an article called "First-Year Hurdles" for the April 2013 Educational Leadership issue on the principalship and was a guest on the Whole Child Podcast episode that same month discussing "Walking in a Principal's Shoes." Bohn also contributed to a new "Road Tested" Education Update column with her article, "Winning Over Veteran Teachers."

Also writing for the "Road Tested" column were Daina Lieberman with "Ten Tips for Teaching the Twice-Exceptional Student" and Jennifer Orr with "Making a Habit of 'How Do you Know?'" Additionally, Orr was a guest on the Whole Child Podcast in 2013, participating in a discussion on "Early Childhood Education: Balancing Expectations and What Young Learners Really Need."

Over the summer, Peter Badalament and Jason Flom discussed educators' need to "Make and Take the Time to Reflect, Refresh, and Recharge" on the Whole Child Podcast.

Here on the Whole Child Blog, ASCD Emerging Leaders wrote about what's important in educating today:

Collaborating Locally

Located in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and East Asia, ASCD affiliates are separate education organizations that work collaboratively as part of the ASCD community to foster common values and goals essential to the way educators learn, teach, and lead. Melany Stowe was recently appointed secretary to the Virginia ASCD Board of Directors and two affiliates, Pennsylvania ASCD and Washington State ASCD, have started blogs to highlight the efforts of ASCD Emerging Leaders:

Jason Ellingson is the facilitator for ASCD's newest Professional Interest Community discussing competency-based education. This group works to help members know and do more to design a competency-based classroom and a competency-based system. ASCD Professional Interest Communities are member-initiated, special-interest groups designed to unite people around a common area of interest in the field of education.

ASCD Student Chapters encourage the professional development of students in education on college campuses with accredited education programs. In October, Eric Bernstein founded a new chapter at the University of Southern California. This is the third student chapter in California and it is entirely virtual. We look forward to hearing about the activities and events!

Engaging Globally

Emerging leaders "Ignite" at ASCD's Annual Conference! On the afternoon of Saturday, March 16, 2013, emerging leaders Jessica Bohn and Ember Conley each presented at an Ignite event during ASCD's 68th Annual Conference & Exhibit Show in Chicago. With the motto of "Enlighten us, but make it quick," this is a fast-paced and unique event for ASCD. We will be having another Ignite event at the 2014 conference in Los Angeles.

Also at the 2013 Annual Conference in March, emerging leaders Daina Lieberman and Matthew Cotton, along with other ASCD leaders, helped facilitate the discussion of "How do we define and measure teacher and principal effectiveness?" during the ASCD Forum. Attendees stepped up to the front of the room to share their thoughts and also posted tweets to the #ASCDForum hashtag. The session was a great success thanks to the help from these leaders! The ASCD Forum begins again on January 15; join the ASCD Forum group on ASCD EDge to learn more and to get updates.

ASCD Emerging Leaders presented to a worldwide audience as part of the 2013 Whole Child Virtual Conference in May. Presenters included Steven Anderson, Matthew Cotton, and Hannah Gbenro ("The New Educators and Educational Leaders") and Joshua Garcia ("ASCD Outstanding Young Educator Award 2013 Winners").

In July, ASCD leaders from around the world came together for the 2013 Leader to Leader (L2L) Conference. ASCD Emerging Leaders in attendance showed their dedication and renewed commitment to revolutionizing the way we learn by ensuring that each child, in each community, is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. Check out the #ASCDL2L hashtag Storify to read through a chronological recap of tweets from L2L and about the "unconference" sessions.

Additionally, several emerging leaders have been making their mark in various publications beyond the ASCD community:

You learn. You teach. Are you ready to lead?

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