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How Urban Schools Work Beyond the Boundaries of Social and Economic Conditions

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In this month's Whole Child Podcast, we hear from three experts about the struggles and strategies of urban school districts and how they are working to meet the needs of the whole child.

  • Professor Pedro Noguera from New York University will share his research on the impact of socio-economic conditions on urban schools and talk about how communities can partner to meet the needs of students during this financial crisis.
  • Yvette Jackson from the National Urban Alliance will share the strategies she uses with urban schools throughout the country to develop the potential of our students, schools, and communities.
  • Tatiana Epanchin, principal of Monarch Elementary Charter School in Oakland, Calif., will talk about the hard work and high expectations that helped Monarch become recognized as the most improved school in California in 2008.

Do you know of any urban districts or schools that have efforts in place to support the whole child? Are these districts or schools seeing results? After listening to the podcast, tell us your thoughts on the Whole Child Blog.

Podcast Whole Child Podcast

Education and the New Administration

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President-Elect Barack Obama and his Education Secretary nominee, Arne Duncan, face a host of education issues, with the rewrite of NCLB at the top of the list. Complicating matters are the severe budget deficits that are forcing dramatic cuts in education programs and services. In this episode of the Whole Child Podcast, three guests will address what the Obama administration can do to support our public schools and secure our children's future in these uncertain times.

  • Laura Varlas, blogger, ASCD Inservice

    What are experts and educators saying about Arne Duncan and the direction of the new administration's education policy? Varlas will share what she's hearing from educators on the Inservice blog about their hopes for our country's education priorities.

  • Claus von Zastrow, executive director, Learning First Alliance (LFA)

    How do the LFA's 18 education organizations want the new administration to improve education? Von Zastrow will discuss LFA's meeting with President-Elect Obama's transition team and LFA's recent paper on the federal role in K-12 education.

  • Myles Miller, student journalist, 24/Y News

    What do young people think Barack Obama should do to improve education in America? Miller will share the student perspective on what the Obama Administration should do to ensure the success of each child.

What are your hopes for the new administration's efforts to improve education? How can federal policy ensure each child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged? After listening to the podcast, tell us your thoughts on the Whole Child Blog.

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Beyond the Test Bubble: Accountability, Expectations, and Planning

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How can we hold schools accountable, while ensuring that students receive a rich education, graduate from high school, and are prepared for the challenges of the 21st century? This month on the whole child podcast, we hear from three experts.

  • Richard Rothstein, research associate, Economic Policy Institute

    How can the public hold schools accountable for preparing our students to do more than score well on reading and math tests? Rothstein describes the broader vision for accountability he suggests in his new book, Grading Education: Getting Accountability Right.

  • Tommy Bice, deputy superintendent of the Alabama Department of Education

    How has Alabama responded to its growing dropout crisis? Learn about Alabama's First Choice, the state's newly revised requirements for high school graduation which set a new level of high expectations for Alabama high school students.

  • John Brown, author of Educating the Whole Child: An ASCD Action Tool

    How can schools and communities become accountable for ensuring students are healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged? ASCD consultant John Brown explains how schools can implement a comprehensive planning process that will surpass our current conception of accountability while ensuring that all children are healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.

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Developing Students’ Global Understanding

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In our increasingly interconnected global society and economy, it's imperative that students understand the world we live in. Three leaders in international education joined us for the second episode of "The Whole Child: Changing the Conversation About Education."

  • Kate Berseth is the vice president for strategic marketing and partnerships at EF Education. With a history of more than 40 years and with 400 schools and offices around the world, EF Education is a leader in providing students with opportunities for international exchange programs.
  • Paul Sandrock is the assistant director for the content and learning team at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Wisconsin is a state leader in international education, having developed an International Education Council that has provided recommendations for schools, businesses, and the state to expand global opportunities for students.
  • Chris Sperry, Ithaca, N.Y., social studies teacher and director of Project Look Sharp, received the 2008 National Council for the Social Studies Global Understanding Award.
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Join the Conversation

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The premiere episode featured segments on public opinion of public schools, community engagement in education, and creating healthy schools. In particular, we addressed

We asked our experts—What should the next U.S. President do about education?

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