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Data: What We Don’t Know May Hurt Us

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Collecting and interpreting data is essential to creating and sustaining meaningful school improvement and without it, we may not be able to address the obstacles that stand in the way of educating the whole child. This episode of the Whole Child Podcast featured an expert panel recorded live at the Healthy Schools Communities Conference. Panelists and audience members shared varied and concrete examples and strategies for using data to drive meaningful school improvement.

Panelists included

  • ASCD's Theresa Lewallen, managing director, Constituent Programs, explained how and why educators should use data to inform whole child practices and improve outcomes.
  • Iowa's Hills Elementary School principal Carmen Dixon shared successful strategies for integrating school wide reforms using data.
  • Iroquois Ridge High School principal Jacquie Newton from Ontario, Canada, described how her school uses individual and school data to engage and involve students in the school improvement process.

How does your school and community use data to inform decisions? Have you seen results of systemic change? Share your thoughts on the Whole Child Blog.


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