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Developing Students’ Global Understanding

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In our increasingly interconnected global society and economy, it's imperative that students understand the world we live in. Three leaders in international education joined us for the second episode of "The Whole Child: Changing the Conversation About Education."

  • Kate Berseth is the vice president for strategic marketing and partnerships at EF Education. With a history of more than 40 years and with 400 schools and offices around the world, EF Education is a leader in providing students with opportunities for international exchange programs.
  • Paul Sandrock is the assistant director for the content and learning team at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Wisconsin is a state leader in international education, having developed an International Education Council that has provided recommendations for schools, businesses, and the state to expand global opportunities for students.
  • Chris Sperry, Ithaca, N.Y., social studies teacher and director of Project Look Sharp, received the 2008 National Council for the Social Studies Global Understanding Award.


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