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How Urban Schools Work Beyond the Boundaries of Social and Economic Conditions

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In this month's Whole Child Podcast, we hear from three experts about the struggles and strategies of urban school districts and how they are working to meet the needs of the whole child.

  • Professor Pedro Noguera from New York University will share his research on the impact of socio-economic conditions on urban schools and talk about how communities can partner to meet the needs of students during this financial crisis.
  • Yvette Jackson from the National Urban Alliance will share the strategies she uses with urban schools throughout the country to develop the potential of our students, schools, and communities.
  • Tatiana Epanchin, principal of Monarch Elementary Charter School in Oakland, Calif., will talk about the hard work and high expectations that helped Monarch become recognized as the most improved school in California in 2008.

Do you know of any urban districts or schools that have efforts in place to support the whole child? Are these districts or schools seeing results? After listening to the podcast, tell us your thoughts on the Whole Child Blog.


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