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Preparing for H1N1

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Our September Whole Child Podcast featured guests that shed light on the opportunities and challenges of coordinating school responses to a potential H1N1 outbreak.

Hear from Jerry Weast, Montgomery County (Md.) Public Schools superintendent; Linda Davis-Alldritt, RN, president-elect of the National Association of School Nurses (a new whole child partner); and Theresa Lewallen, ASCD's managing director of constituent services and the liaison to the federal government agencies handling H1N1. Each guest brings a unique and valuable whole child perspective to the challenges schools and communities face as they develop coordinated responses to the H1N1 flu pandemic.

This podcast episode is one of many resources related to the H1N1 virus that ASCD is putting together for educators and communities. Visit www.ascd.org/flu for more information—we continually update this page with more resources as they become available.

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How are your school and community preparing for H1N1? Share your reactions, ideas, and questions on the Whole Child Blog. Because now more than ever, we must strive to ensure that each child is not only healthy but also safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.


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