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Supporting Student Voice for Meaningful Change

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On the May 2009 Whole Child Podcast: Changing the Conversation About Education, we'll explore how adults and children can work together to solve social or environmental problems, from school reform to global warming. Join us to hear from

  • Marge Scherer, Editor in Chief of ASCD's Educational Leadership magazine. Marge will talk about this month's issue focused on teaching social responsibility to meet the challenges of 21st-century issues.
  • Adam Fletcher, advocate for and author of Meaningful Student Involvement. Adam will address how student engagement can improve schools and communities in meaningful and tangible ways.
  • Nupur Dogra, high school senior at Iroquois Ridge High School in Ontario, Canada. Nupur will share her insights about the importance of student voice on her own high school experience.

Be sure to access free student involvement tools and research as well as several free Educational Leadership articles to extend your learning.

After listening to the podcast, tell us how the cultural norms and values at your school support student engagement. What practices do you or your school and community implement to support student voice? Share your thoughts on the Whole Child Blog.


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