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Supporting Students to Succeed: Keeping Kids from Checking Out and Dropping Out

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How and why do schools and communities succeed when they focus on supporting students? Creating personalized learning environments where students are supported by qualified, caring adults is crucial to keeping kids from checking out and dropping out. Research and common sense reaffirm that not only educators, but communities must invest in supporting students to stay in school because we all pay the price when students drop out.

Join us to hear from our guests as they share their expertise in bringing that vision to reality:

  • Robert Balfanz, co-director, Everyone Graduates Center and research scientist, Center for Social Organization of Schools, Johns Hopkins University, shares not only his extensive research on why students check out and drop out, but what schools and communities can do about it.
  • Tom Brewster, assistant superintendent, Pulaski County (Va.) Public Schools, and chair, NASBE Study Group on School-Community Partnerships, shares recommendations for creating and sustaining community partnerships that impact the support students receive.

How is your school and community succeeding or struggling to support students who at risk of checking out and dropping out? What supports do you need to do this more effectively? Share your thoughts on the Whole Child Blog.


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