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Understanding the Education Stimulus Package

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The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, better known as the stimulus package, provides approximately $100 billion specifically for education programs. While the intent of the package is to stimulate the economy, Education Secretary Arne Duncan has indicated that he'd like education reform to be a major goal of this unprecedented federal investment.

This special edition of the Whole Child Podcast will outline the stimulus plan for education and describe how the funds can be used for school improvement activities, including capacity-building professional development. The episode will help educators understand and take advantage of the unique opportunities available to them and their students.

  • David Griffith, ASCD director of public policy, will explain the timeline and intent for how the education stimulus dollars are being allocated. He'll describe how the money can be used to not only save teachers' jobs and keep class sizes down, but also to improve standards and assessments, enhance data systems, increase teacher effectiveness, and turn around low-performing schools.
  • Ann Cunningham-Morris, ASCD director of professional development, will describe what capacity-building professional development is and how it can be implemented. She'll also explain how such professional development is critical to school improvement and its sustainability, which makes it an appropriate use of the education stimulus dollars.

This podcast episode is one of many free resources that ASCD is putting together for educators related to the stimulus package. Tune in to learn about further resources and visit our Education Stimulus Resource Web page for more information.

What questions do you have about the stimulus package? After listening to the podcast, tell us your thoughts on the Whole Child Blog.


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